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These wonderful, wonderful littlings.


What a wonderful morning.


Baby on a baby.


Ni anak lagi lucu-lucunya pake banget. Gemes. Tapi suka ngajak berantem, gimana dong? Dijadiin hadiah giveaway aja apa gimana?


Swipe to the second picture to see the reason for Seth's smile. He said, "Hey, can you spot his penis sticking out?" 😩🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ For real, this guy. #HappyHalloween, everyone! Today was so cold we only went out for less than 10 minutes and then straight back in. 😂


Every single time he throws a tantrum over the silliest thing, I remind myself that I need to be gentle with him, even though he drives me crazy. Now that I think of it, he's like the mini version of me, except with a penis. Which means.... I need to be gentle with myself, too. If you're reading this, be gentle with yourself, please. 🧡


This dude won't stay still for me to take pictures of him anymore. #sweaterweather


This kid gained 1 lbs 5 oz in a week. That's 600 grams. He's a solid 9-pounder now, almost two weeks old and doesn't need to wake up every 3 hours to breastfeed anymore. That means more sleep for us! 🎉 #thatharshlyusedhandmedownonesiethough #perksofhavingabigbrother


I took him grocery shopping for the second time this past week, just Ibu and Bubba. He's been handling having a little brother like a champ, but you could tell that he kinda wants to be the center of attention, all the time. It drives me crazy. It drives his Abba crazy. He also LOVES to challenge authority, he's very smart, he understands exactly what you tell him, problem is, he's only willing to obey you probably 8% of the time. The other day I told Seth that he looks kinda cute and he answered with, "Ya, that is THE problem." 😆


Today is the first day of fall.


Slide to see the #drunkonbreastmilk bébé.


Introducing "Samoedera Djiwa Shillig". Born on the 17th of September, 2019, 4:45 AM, UTC/GMT -5:00 hours (CDT). 7 pounds and 15 ounces (3.6 kilograms), 21 inches (53.3 centimeters). Such a darling, isn't he?


Doesn't like the camera but surely LUHVES Kitty. 🙄 #catsofinstagram


Shower portraits. #shotoniphonex


Bath time with Bryson and Logan #babiesofinstagram #mixedbabies #indonesianamericanbaby


17 months old today, this little punk. Won't even stay still and let me take his pictures anymore. He thinks rhymes are lame and would prefer you reading him stories instead, so that's what his Abba reads to him every night before he goes to bed. Sometimes I find him in the corner just staring at a page of his book looking at the pictures, so fascinated by them. Sometimes I find him in the corner tearing up pages from his books. Oh, well.... Loves anything with wheels on them. "Vroom vroom...." Every time he plays with a toy car. Loves toy stroller, too. And his little bulldozer that he can push around. Loves kisses. Kisses pretty much everything and everyone. Humans, stuffed animals, animals. Loves animals. But also loves stepping on bugs. He loves ginger. Like, ginger ginger. Yes, that ginger. I often cook fried rice with slices of ginger just to add some flavor to it, and he eats the ginger, yes, slices and slices of ginger. What kind of toddler likes ginger? Mango is his go-to fruit. Oh, man. This kid and mangoes. Endless love story. His whining has increased to level 9 now, 10 if we don't give him what he wants. Tantrums. Lots of tantrums. Tantrums. Tantrums. Tantrums. Throws himself on the ground, that kind of stuff. Busted his lip again this week. I'm surprised he hasn't broken any of his ONLY 6 teeth. We can't wait to see how he's going to be around his little brother. Can't wait. 🧡


Sangkakala Sore's little brother is arriving some time between the end of this month and early next month, so we went on a hike to see the Elephant Rocks before I can't hike without triggering labor, lol. I brought the wrong lens, so, most of the pictures are of the loves of my life instead of the views from the place, but, hey, I only got my eyes on those two anyways. Oh, and, I hope everyone is enjoying their Eid al-Adha! 🧡


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